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The Ampd Academy Assessor module has been meticulously crafted to provide comprehensive guidance for instructors in executing their roles as assessors within the AMPD Academy framework. Assessors at AMPD Academy evaluate the teaching proficiency of candidates once they have accumulated a suitable level of experience under the guidance of their training supervisor/s.

To qualify for assessing the competency of a trainee teacher at AMPD Academy, instructors must undergo and successfully complete an online module.

This online module is offered at no cost and grants AMPD Academy instructors an automatic allocation of two hours towards their professional development for teacher license renewal (subject to minimum requirements). 

AMPD Academy expresses deep gratitude for the invaluable contributions of our assessors, who generously volunteer their time to support candidates in achieving their licensure completion.

Application requirements

Please read the below information carefully before applying


For applications to be considered, applicants need to have the endorsement of their workplace or – if self-employed – a referee must be provided. Referees may be contacted as part of the approval process.

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